Saturday, December 31, 2011

Almost Midnight (Who Are You Now?)

Over there, You! The Un-evolved!
Hurry up it's almost midnight-
Don't go too far, it's almost here
- the New Year Door's alight

Cast your spells
Take off your hat
And surrender to what calls-
The wicked,
war torn,
the careful clown
- if you hear it then it's yours

You broken, weary,
December spent,
you tired of the darkness-
The time has come
to bury ghosts
And surrender
to your softness

You and me
and I
and We
All we want is newness
For skins to shed
For fun in bed
And cash enough for coffee

And so we come
And so we dance
And so we kiss at twelve

And bitten nails
And timid tails
Into this trickiness we delve

So, Unevolved!
Come, one.
Come, all!
Be hopeful.

We're almost there-
We've come so far-
- thankful,
For this graceless fall

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