Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The thing about addiction is that it spins and swirls and stops at nothing to keep itself alive. If you're careless enough this nebula will turn into a black hole that will engulf everything in its sight. The first thing it goes after is free will, then will power, then power to discern... this venomous beast can not help itself. It is fulfilling its purpose: to stay alive.

How to switch it? A change in address can be helpful... to quickly uproot and run is a preferred method of combat for many. But what to do if running isn't an option, or if the black hole's dust has buried deep enough that tiny particles follow you?

Then we must jog on the spot. We must cartwheel. We must sleep. We must nourish and bathe until the skin and soul are clean and you, and I, become the black hole soaking up knowledge and wisdom and only things that point to liberation.

Surrender is the highest mountain of them all