Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beings of the Sun

There is a certain something present in all things: an essence, a resonance, a history of associations, a feeling that rings true. We are called to answer. We are blood beings. A band of merry followers of the sun, we march on toward the light.

Can we learn this essence? Can we go towards the tricks of light while making footprints on sand and trail? Earth and sky, can you resolve your differences and be unified in providing a safe haven for dimension traveling entities?

I have learned things here. I know that love is real and when invested in, returned in buckets and barrels. I know that we are pushed and pulled by inner workings whose intentions are rarely revealed until their final reckoning. I know that the things we are told to reach for are rarely the things that end up being those we wish we’d focused on. I have learned that most of my friends and I are dealing with first world problems that provide us with the unique opportunity to expand in a way that goes beyond survival.

There is many a thread to pull here. Unraveling must take place if expansion is desired. This can be uncomfortable for both the unraveled and the spectators of this self imposed blood sport.

We talk in tongues, metaphors and ambiguous diagrams. We are seekers, first-rate warriors of need. I am hopeful that my own flailing about in the mire of it all will somehow provide solace for those nubile adventurers who fear the isolation that often accompanies the search. I want it to be clear: your questions are valid. This is a confusing place that does not lend its paradigms well to the dissolution of boundaries and the innate need to connect.

Pray for us.

Honour the elders of this endeavour.

I am here in a solitary cry to the sun. It is my chant, my mantra, a war cry that responds to the hurt world. You are already healed. You are in flux. There is beauty in the humanity of pain. Be released in the horror of the moment. The next will roll and it will be winter, spring, summer, autumn again.

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